Life Transformation coaching

Choose Happiness, Empowerment and Energy to live your life fully, with Hinatea's coaching combined with elements of Tahitian philosophy.


Let me ask you this...

What if there were a simple way to change staying at the same place and having projects that you don't start, to living your life with joy, ease and in control of your time and energy?

Where you more from being Frustrated and Overwhelmed to being Empowered and Full of energy?


I'm Hinatea life transformation coach.

I help ambitious women move away from Frustrated and Overwhelmed to Empowered and full of Energy to live your life fully.
Deep in my heart I felt called to help more women to reclaim their energy connecting their mind, body and soul. I create transformation coaching with an NLP method called "WAW Merci j'adore" (WAW Thank you I love it) combined with my unique approach of using Tahitian dance movements and sounds.
My fuel is love, joy, trust and peace. And with my positive and confident attitude, I remind you that Happiness is a Choice and Life is a Dance.

Some words from my clients

Hinatea is a bundle of positive energy so who better to work with to improve your own positive outlook on life.

Charlotte Booth


If you're looking for inner joy together with dance moves from a rare and beautiful culture you could not find a nicer dance teacher and more happiness.

Lisel Humla

You can work on your inner power while dancing. And the instructor is a great, highly positive person.

Gosia Kozlowska